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Joseph Clair (1889-1971)

Originator of the famous Domaine Clair-Daü which was founded in Marsannay in 1919.

After the First World War, the Burgundian vineyards were in a deplorable state and large areas were abandoned. Joseph Clair encouraged the wine growers of Marsannay to pull up the vines of gamay and white aligoté and to replant the vineyards in pinot noir and chardonnay, nobler types of grape varieties.


He is also responsible for the creation of a rosé wine made from pinot noir, the Rosé de Marsannay, which made it possible for many wine growers to survive, and even to thrive, in those difficult times since the red wines were not selling well and selling at prices which are hardly enough to sustain the growers. Marsannay is the only Burgundian appellation to produce rosé, white and red wines

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